The Four Phases of a Gastric Bypass Diet

A gastric bypass is performed to curb the eating habits of someone who is already obese; and thus, prevent any other related health conditions. However, the patient must not treat the surgery as an end in itself; it is only a beginning of a new lifestyle starting with a post gastric bypass diet.

There are four stages of a gastric bypass diet. Each phase is intended to introduce a different group of food ranging from pure liquids to the solids. Any patient is not allowed to go from the first stage directly to the last because it could result to gastric bypass side effects such as the dumping syndrome, dehydration and even weight gain.

The first phase is known as the clear liquids diet. In this phase, the patient will be allowed only liquids like water, sugar-free juice, clear broth and flat diet soda. These will be to keep you hydrated and test the strength of your stomach. Don’t worry; the IV will keep you from starving.

The second phase of a gastric bypass diet is known as the puree diet. Here, the patient will be given mostly pureed foods that are soft and consistent. Use a blender to puree the food and retain consistency.

After eating pureed foods for a few weeks, it is time to try the soft solids. These are foods that can be mashed with the eating utensils. Common examples are bananas and potatoes. The key is to have them finely diced first before being mashed.

If there are no complications noted during the earlier stages then it is about time to go back to solid food. However, try not to gobble everything that’s on your plate. Your stomach is still recovering so eat according to its pace. Chew your food well and eat it slowly.

With determination, patience and self-control; who says you can’t achieve a change in lifestyle? Hopefully, the gastric bypass diet will not only be used after a surgery. It will also have the same desirable effects on weight control even without the need to go under the needle.

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