Picking Good Insomnia Solutions

When you need insomnia solutions, you don’t want to spend all night figuring out what will work and what will not. You may have all night to figure this out, but odds are you  will want to spend as much of the time sleeping as possible.  If the habit persists, you should see your doctor. The solutions listed below do not require the use of drugs.

Cure Your Insomnia Naturally

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea helps a person relieve anxiety. The calming effect causes the mind to stop racing. When a person is up late at night with worried over the things going on in his real life, his body will respond by staying a wake. He is sending his body signals to stay up after all.

Warm Milk

This remedy, while not herbal works without the use of drugs. Milk and turkey both contain a small amount of a chemical called tryptophan. tryptophan helps regulate the bodies sleep cycles. It is not what makes you tired after Thanksgiving dinner. Carbohydrate overload causes that.


Melatonin is the chemical the body uses to regulate sleep cycles. A consumer can get an all-natural form that will help a person get to sleep when he should get to sleep.  It is also used to help combat jet lag on long trips. Make sure you do not have a b12 deficiency, as it can  affect your sleep patterns. It can be corrected by getting  b12 injections

Setting a Sleep Schedule

Setting a regular sleep schedule is far more important than any other tip on this list.  A person who goes to bed and lies down at the same time every night will find that he may not need herbal remedies to cure insomnia that often.   Insomnia does happen from time to time, and it happens to everybody. No herbal remedy can guarantee a person won’t have problems at some later date.  An herbal remedy or even special pillows such as sobakawa could pillow can help a sufferer get back on track.

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