Poison Oak Rash Medical Treatment

They say that pain can easily be resolved, but itch is one of situations wherein scratching is the only to take care of it. But what if scratching the itch can only worsen the circumstances, for instance, what if the itching is caused by plants like poison ivy, oak or sumac? Then we can say that poison oak rash cannot be simply relieved by scratching; what is needed is poison oak treatment which can be medical, natural or homemade.

Focusing on medical treatments for poison oak rash, these usually are medicines which can either be bought over the counter or with prescription. It is important to be reminded of the situations wherein you might need prescription drugs, especially if the rashes are very severe already. However, over-the-counter drugs can be bought for temporary relief from the itch.

Poison Oak Rash Medical Treatment

  • Over-the-counter drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are among the best bought items because they are used by campers, hikers, and people who are exposed to poison ivy, oak or sumac. Some people purchase OTC poison ivy treatment for prevention or immediate application if they think they are exposed to the resin called urushiol which causes the blisters.

Some examples of OTC drugs and creams are Itch-X, Zanfel and Caladryl. They are simply applied over the areas of exposure or blisters and they provide instant relief.

  • Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are among the strongest and potent drugs that a doctor can provide. Prescription drugs cannot be bought without a medical prescription because they are harmful if take n excessively. In some cases, the excessive use of poison oak treatments which are prescription drugs can promote scarring on the skin.

Some examples of prescription medications are Diprolene AF, Prednisone and Deltasone. In case they are taken in or applied in excess, there might be some serious health issues or scarring on the skin.

People who are suffering from poison ivy, oak or sumac allergies can be cured even without having to go to the doctor or buy creams and lotions for the blisters. However, the itch can be relieved by these drugs and medication and they can even speed up the healing process of the skin. It is good to have a physician look at the allergies so as to be presented with the best treatment available.

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