Staying Prepared & Vigilent: Possible Disaster Situations in Tennessee

Tennessee is in a geographical location that makes it prone to several possible disaster scenarios. This article discusses these situations, and what people that live in the state can do to be properly prepared for them.


Tennessee is a state that is in a geographical area that makes it prone to certain destructive elements during a disaster scenario. The topography and climate of the area make for certain dangerous elements to be present.

However, it is possible for people that live in Tennessee to be prepared for these elements, by knowing ahead of time what to expect and getting ready for it. Making a conscious effort ahead of time is the best way to deal with the possible issues that may come up.

Preparing For Disaster Situations In Tennessee

One of the defining features of Tennessee is that it is a relatively flat expanse, which is located in a place that makes it prone to water and snow during the winter months. The topography allows for different possible disaster scenarios to be developed.

Watch Out For Those Tennessee Tornadoes

For example, tornadoes are a common occurrence in this area. Tornadoes form when there is an imbalance in air and pressure conditions, causing a cyclone funnel to form.

The landscape of the area is permissive to this because of the flat expanses that transfer these imbalances into air and pressure conditions. Tornadoes obviously have the potential to do a lot of damage to anything that they come into contact with.

In order to prepare for tornadoes, there are some things that people can do to minimize the damages and keep themselves safe. One of the first things that can be done is to secure the loose heavy things in the home, such as bookshelves and other furniture, to walls securely.

This will reduce the possibility of any of these heavy objects toppling over should a strong set of winds buffet the home. People should also have a good supply of food and water ready for these storm elements, because it will allow them to sustain themselves.

Emergency shelters in the area should be noted and should be accessible should the need arise to take advantage of them. People should make a conscious effort to learn about their nearest shelter and take steps to be ready to go there quickly.

Preparing For Water Disasters Like Heavy Rain & Flooding

Rainfall also has the potential to cause damage to the home. During the heavy times of rain, it is possible for the ground to reach such a saturation point that it no longer will absorb the water that is falling.

Rainfall of this kind can flood the area and cause water damage to the home if it should seep in. Good landscaping can mitigate most of these problems, by channeling the water down appropriate pathways.

Landscaping can direct the water flow by having ebbs and valleys that shunt the moisture to a different place. Appropriate drainage in the yard should also be something that relives some of the strain placed on saturated ground.

Proper preparation for the storms and occurrences will make it so that people can whether the vast majority of the issues without worry. A good way to stay ahead of things is to know the risks and occurrences that a given area has, and be prepared for these things.

Always Keep A Well Stocked Disaster Preparedness Emergency Kit In The Home

Additionally, people that make the effort to have a dedicated supply of food and water set aside will be the best off overall, because anything that catches them off guard can be mitigated by good supplies. Backup generators or heating supplies are also recommended.

In order to be as safe as possible, people that live in the area should make every effort to stay tuned in to emergency broadcasts and other official announcements. This information is vital, informing listeners what to do and how to proceed in order to avoid any unpleasantness.

Most of the damages that may be incurred as a result of weather conditions can be avoided, and repair can quickly be performed after the fact. The most important thing to keep in mind is that lives are more important than possessions, so safety should always be the priority.

Those that are ready should do the best overall. Tennessee is a beautiful place, and understanding its quirks is a part of living there.

Tennessee is in a geographical location that makes it vulnerable to several different destructive elements that may come up in a disaster situation. By making a conscious effort to be informed of these elements and making preparations for them, people can avoid most of the harmful effects.

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