Preventing Panic Attack Through A Simple Breathing Exercise

When a person is stressed and anxious, a breathing exercise to relax and calm down can help prevent the situation from developing into a panic attack. A person often breathes too fast when he/she is in a stressed or anxious condition. The goal of the breathing exercise it to restore the breathing pattern to a normal relaxed rate, which is ten to twelve breaths per minute. When you feel anxious and notice that you are breathing faster and faster; stop and hold your breath and count to five before you breathe out. Tell yourself to relax, be kind to yourself by saying it in a pleasant way.

Breathe slowly, count to three as you breathe in through the nose, then count to three as you breathe out through your mouth. By counting to three each time you breathe in and breathe out, you can slow down your breath to the relaxed rate of roughly ten breaths a minute. A whole breath should take about roughly six seconds, thus the counting to three at breathing in and out. Perform this exercise for at least five minutes. Exercise regularly at least three times a day, so that every time you feel anxious or stressed, you can automatically use this breathing exercise to calm down. Although the breathing exercise alone does not cure panic attacks, but it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Both stress and anxiety are often the precursor of a panic attack.

On top of practicing the breathing exercise, it is advisable to perform physical exercises on a regular basis. When a person is anxious or stressed, the muscles become tense. Going for a walk, jogging, swimming or doing any other physical exercises can help release muscle tension. Besides, physical exercises also stimulates our body to release the hormone endorphins, the so called feel good hormones. Both breathing exercise and physical exercise together can help you relax and may help in curing panic attacks without medication.

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