Professional Teeth Whitening Gel Procedures

If you wish to whiten your teeth, you have different options available. If you are looking for professional whitening, you can get bleaching and laser bleaching done at the dental office. Alternatively, you can whiten your teeth at home with the help of whitening gels and trays or whitening strips. Each method has its own pros and cons, and will be more or less favorable depending on the individual.

Teeth whitening strips, or teeth whitening trays, are used at home in order to bleach and whiten your teeth. They use a peroxide chemical in order to remove stains from the enamel. The gel is applied with a tray that fits to your teeth, and is then taken out after varying lengths of time depending on the procedure. Different gels have different levels of peroxide, and higher concentrations do not need to be applied as long to take effect. Low concentrations can be worn overnight, which the user may find preferable. By following instructions and using teeth whitening gels consistently, you will get results in as little as one week. After a month, your teeth will be significantly whiter.

You can also get your teeth whitened professionally at your dental office. You can get regular bleaching or laser bleaching done there. Either way is effective, but laser bleaching is the best of all – it uses a laser to cause the whitener to penetrate the enamel right away, so that it takes effect very quickly. Laser bleaching at the dentist is the most professional and effective way of bleaching your teeth, however it is also the most expensive. Regular bleaching in-office is cheaper, while still having decent effect. Using teeth whitening gels at home is less expensive than either, but it will take longer. Whitening strips are less effective however, and you are recommended to use gels instead.

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