Quality Cooking with Stainless Steel Cookware

I can say with confidence that a lot of you are probably like I WAS…a person with a kitchen full of black Teflon cookware. I can’t blame you. I was drawn in by the same things you probably were: affordability; easy to find; and nonstick. Right?

So, before we talk about stainless steel pots and pans, I need to tell you what inspired me to switch.

Teflon Cookware

I was happy to stay in the Teflon world forever. The problem for me was that I started getting fancy with other parts of my kitchen. I started buying stainless steel flatware and utensils, and THOSE started scratching my Teflon nonstick cookware.

Even though I didn’t own any at the time, I knew about seasoning cast iron cookware to revitalize the nonstick properties. I wasn’t hopeful, but I looked into home remedies for dealing with scratched Teflon. I didn’t find any…but I DID find that there had been studies conducted on Teflon and the results were not good.

I knew that having scratched Teflon flake into your food was bad, but I didn’t know that Teflon creates toxic off gas at high temperatures…around 750 degrees F. That may seem high, but a preheating Teflon coated pan can reach and exceed that temperature easily. Time to find new cookware.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel cookware caught my eye. I knew from my flatware and utensils that stainless steel was durable and easy to clean, that would counteract some of the loss of nonstick surfaces. If food was going to stick, I could at least scrub it off without worrying about scratches.

I was very wary of the stainless steel grades I was looking at. I recommend sticking with 18 10 stainless steel. With the lower grades you get poor quality and higher chance of hot spots while cooking.

While stainless steel is durable, and fairly nonstick when cooking with a little oil, it isn’t the best at conducting heat. I knew that copper, however, was excellent. After reading up on a few copper bottom cookware reviews, I decided on this route and went with the Revere copper bottom cookware. The copper bottom takes a little extra care because it tarnishes so quickly, but I’m never worried about hot spots.

If I had a bigger budget I would have gone for the All Clad Copper Core line. The copper is inside, so it spreads heat just as well, but it isn’t exposed to the outside air!

Ultimately, I feel safer cooking on stainless steel. How has stainless steel cookware worked for you?

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