Using Radiation Cream During Radiation Therapy

Radiation Cream

Soothe Your Skin With Radiation Cream

Radiation therapy has saved many women’s lives. It is used to stop the growth of cancer causing cells and to shrink the tumor. Radiation therapy is great in so many ways, but like all other things, it has its side effects. Side effects of radiation therapy can include hair loss, dry skin, rashes, and red sunburned-like skin. While wigs can cover your head, what do you do about your skin? The answer is a great radiation cream.

The radiation cream you choose need to aloe based and packed full of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps promote the skin’s natural healing process. Radiation destroys the cancer causing cells but also causes damage to the good cells as well. The good cells are more than likely able to recover, but it may leave your skin dry or sunburned. This where the aloe comes into play. Aloe helps rejuvenate the skin and helps it heal.

If radiation cream is used when you’re just starting radiation therapy, and use is continued throughout the entire process, the effects on your skin are greatly decreased. Cream should be used at least twice a day for several days before and after radiation treatments. Helping your skin stay healthy from the start of your radiation therapy is the key to its success. Radiation creams also do not interfere with any of your radiation treatments.

Your radiation cream should be soothing and effective. If it is neither of these, it’s time to look for a new cream. Also, make sure your bra or clothing is not rubbing against the agitated area, this will only make it worse. Keep the area clean at all times, the key to healthy skin is to keep it clean and moisturized.

95% of all radiation treatment patients experience some sort of skin related problem that is associated with radiation. Do something to protect your skin while enduring these treatments. Pick up your radiation cream today.

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