Reasons Why People Faint

Have you ever tried fainting or seen someone faint in a big crowd? Well then fainting is common to all and once this happens we may overreact and find ourselves like we are going to faint as well. It is good to know what to do when someone has fainted to be a big help to the person. But before knowing what to do if someone is fainting, it is important to know why do people faint.

People faint due to a number of reasons and the number one reason of fainting is the lack of circulation of blood to the brain and insufficient amount of oxygen to the brain. Fainting is also called syncope in medical term and it may involve the heart since the heart is in control of the circulatory process of the body. Though it is not at all times the heart is involved with fainting.

To answer the question why do people faint, there are different types of fainting that one has to know and be aware about especially to those who experience this repeatedly. There are two types of fainting:

1.       Situational fainting- this is specific from a person to person. This is caused from various situations that will make a person faint in unexplainable way. To sight an example, a person may faint if seeing blood or in a dreadful situation. Stress and anxiety may also be risk factors of situational fainting. This type is very specific to the person that is why when such situation comes, it is best to stay away from it to prevent fainting.

2.       Postural fainting- this happens when a person who suffered from dehydration, severe blood loss, medication side effects and a lot more experiences syncope after changing from one position to another. One main example of this is when a person who lies on bed for a long time abruptly stands up and faints. This is so because there is a blood pressure drop thus causing insufficient flow of blood to the brain. It is important to sit first on the bed before fully standing up to give time for the brain to have sufficient supply of blood.

What are the symptoms to watch out for before fainting? This is part of knowing why do people faint. There are a lot of signs preceding the fainting episode that is why precaution must be taken to give appropriate interventions. Some of the symptoms are the following:

  • Blurred vision
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Going pale and sweaty

When the situation arise that a person falls it is best to be of big help. Assist the person to lie down and elevate the legs with the head down to bring back the circulation of blood to the brain. You can also seek help from the medical team when it is severe type that cannot be done with elevation of the legs. Although consciousness will be regained after a few minutes, it is still best to assess the fainted person to give the necessary interventions.

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