Reasons You May Develop Man Boobs

Gynecomastia is a medical condition commonly referred as man boobs or moobs. It is an abnormal growth of breast in males. This medical condition can be simply explained as an irregular swelling in the chest area that mostly resembles like women’s breasts. It is considered a cosmetic defect commonly found in boys in their adolescence and adults afflicted by obesity. Gynecomastia is not painful, very rare cases have found it to be painful. But the real pain felt by the sufferers is mental pain or emotional imbalance when people make fun about their condition and mock  at them. This can make the sufferer feel embarrassed and humiliated. In most of the cases the sufferer becomes very inferior and loses his social life. Adolescent boys suffering from gynecomastia try various methods to hide man boobs. This might help you for a shorter period but not in the long run

It is believed that around 40% of the world’s male population is affected by gynecomastia. This is not a serious condition to be in and there are several methods about how to hide man boobs or to get rid of them. However, before taking initiatives to reduce or get rid of gynecomastia, you need to know about this condition to find an effective method that can help.

Gynecomastia is normally caused by hereditary factors and obesity. There are certain cases in which the cause of gynecomastia is the effect of medications and usage of illegal substances like marijuana and other drugs. But the abnormal growth of the chest area is mainly due to hormonal imbalance that is caused by many factors. These factors can be the effect of some medications that was prescribed by a doctor for other disorders. Also, patients that have undergone hormone treatment for prostate cancer are prone to build up gynecomastia.

There are methods to get rid of them by surgeries as a permanent solution. For temporary results, you can try methods on how to hide man boobs, these might really help you maintain your social economic lifestyle.

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