Recurrent Yeast Infection Requires Proper Lifestyle Changes

Yeast infections (also known as thrush) are usually easily treated. Unfortunately, for some people, they can also quickly recur. If that’s the case, then adopting sensible lifestyle changes will be useful.

As with any other infection, a person is more likely to avoid contracting it if they’re in good overall health. For this reason, eat a healthy well balanced diet, take regular exercise, get adequate sleep and don’t abuse your body with illegal drugs, tobacco products or excessive alcohol. Oral yeast infections particularly are far less likely in people who don’t smoke and don’t drink excessively. Changing your diet may help reduce the recurrence of yeast infections. Some people have found it very helpful to avoid consuming foods high in sugar or yeast.

Recurrent Yeast Infection – Causes & Treatments

Although yeast infections aren’t directly caused by poor hygiene, good hygiene practises can help reduce the number of infections. Over use of products such as scented soaps, vaginal douches, bubble baths and spermicides can all be detrimental. Switching to simple, natural cleansing products and not over using them as well as ensure the affected area is dried properly dried can have good results. A good choice of clothing is also helpful. Loose fitting, natural fibres will prevent the affected area from being constantly warm, moist, and airless – conditions which encourage yeast to flourish.

Taking antibiotics for other conditions makes a susceptible person much more likely to contract a yeast infection. This may be because the antibiotics kill the normal harmless bacteria in the vagina which help to defend against candida As candida is a yeast and not bacteria, it will not be killed by the antibiotics. Not every course of antibiotics will lead to a yeast infection, but for those prone to recurring yeast infections, it might be advisable to have treatment available if antibiotics are prescribed for another condition.

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It’s worth adopting a few, fairly simple lifestyle changes to avoid the constant discomfort and embarrassment of recurring yeast infections.

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