A Few Excellent Remedies For Pinched Nerves In Your Back

If you look for treatments on pinched nerves in the back, you will be faced with several choices that range from simple bed rest to more complicated ones like ultrasound or electronic stimulation. Although all these treatments help, they don’t cure pinched nerves right away. Your doctor will know best which treatment is best for you, but in the meantime, find your best pinched nerves in back remedy so you can stay as comfortable as possible while recovering from the problem.

Menthol patches – for minor upper back pain

Patches that contain menthol and/or camphor and capsicum can offer pain relief with minor aches that focus on the upper back and shoulder area. Slapping on one or two patches will provide a soothing and cool sensation that can ease down on the pain signals released by a pinched nerve in upper back. Menthol patches are available at drugstores and pharmacies and can also be bought in bulk from online shops and health stores.

 Ice packs – good for when you are at rest

Although ice packs are effective in easing pain in just about any part of the body, it can be difficult to keep one balanced or pressed against your back, so save this for when you are ready to sleep or have been advised to get bed rest for a number of days. A cold compress from ice packs will numb down pain and also ease any swelling in the muscles and tendons. Applying an ice pack while resting is also good for pinched nerve pain in arm since it’s also hard to keep the pack on when you’re working or using your arm.

Good posture – for any back pain

You have probably seen braces for the spine that require wearers to stay perfectly still and their backs as straight as possible. You may not need to wear these braces, but you should use the example and observe proper posture all the time. Slouching won’t just cause your internal organs to crowd against each other but also put too much of your body’s weight on your lower back and hips, which can easily increase pinched nerve pain. Even if your pinched nerve is causing pain only in the upper back, hunching your shoulders or letting your neck hang might make recovery slower and more difficult for you.

Massage – for pinched nerves caused by constricting muscles and tendons

Your back is one amazingly intricate arrangement of nerves, bones, muscles, cartilages and tendons, and nerve endings can easily get compressed. A light and relaxing back massage can provide therapeutic pain relief as well as ease the tension that may be causing the muscles to bunch up. This in turn can then ease pinched nerve pain and help you recover faster.

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