Repairing Your Mobility Scooter

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If you own a mobility scooter, you may find that from time to time it breaks down or needs repair. While some repairs require professional servicing, others are simple fixes that you can perform yourself. Following these troubleshooting and simple repair steps may save you the headache of having to travel to a servicer for repairs.

Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting

If your mobility scooter isn’t working, it is first helpful to run through some basic troubleshooting steps to see if you can fix the problem. First make sure your scooter is on and the battery is fully charged. Check the fuses to make sure they aren’t burned out, and then push the main circuit breaker reset button if your machine has one. If your scooter turns on but has trouble moving, check the axles for dirt or grime. These areas tend to collect build up which can affect the performance of the scooter. You may find that following these steps fixes the problem with your scooter.

Scooter Battery

A battery malfunction is usually one of the easiest things to repair by yourself. Because the battery is one of the most important mobility scooter parts, it is a good idea to always keep a spare on hand. If your battery isn’t working, switch it out with the spare so you still have a running machine. Then make sure your battery has been properly charged with a compatible charger. Batteries will die after a certain period of time, so if your battery won’t charge it likely means the battery is completely dead and you will need to purchase another replacement.

Scooter Tires

Tires are another area of the scooter that you can usually repair yourself. You should always be prepared for the risk of getting a flat. This is especially true if you have a 4 wheel mobility scooter that you drive outside. Many tires are pneumatic, which means they are air-filled and come with the possibility of deflating. Know how to keep the tires inflated and keep some spares on hand so that you can change the tires if necessary.

Knowing these tips and keeping some spare parts on hand is an easy step you can take to ensure that your scooter will be in working order. Being able to fix some basic problems yourself can save you time, money, and the hassle of having to bring your scooter somewhere for basic repairs.

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