Reviews of 6 Popular Weight Loss Supplements

Hydroxycut this and green tea that and zantrex this…. It can be difficult to decide which weight loss supplement to purchase when the market is so flooded not only with supplements, but also with inflated health claims. This article will examine 6 popular supplements and their effectiveness and safety, to help you narrow down your choices.

1. hCG Diet: Discovered in the 1950s as a potential weight loss aid, this pregnancy hormone is supposed to help people suppress their appetite while dieting, especially those who are eating a very low number of calories. To date there is no hard evidence for its effectiveness and most doctors will not prescribe hCG for weight loss purposes, and as a result it probably isn’t a practical dieting choice.

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2. Hoodia: An appetite suppressing herb, supplements makers have been trying to extract the active chemical, called P57, from hoodia for years. There hasn’t been much success, and there is evidence that the amount of P57 in most supplements is not enough to be effective. Also, there is no evidence that it works or that it doesn’t have any toxic side effects.

3. Acai: A recent surge in popularity thanks to a fruit juice multi-level marketing company called MonaVie, acai berry juice is full of antioxidants. However, it has no known weight loss ability, and other fruits that are less expensive are much richer in antioxidants than acai, such as blueberries.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar: A folk remedy for cancer, arthritis, pimples, and just about everything in between, there is actually good evidence that an apple cider vinegar diet plan is effective. Taking about 30 ml per day was shown to be effective not only in weight loss in human subjects but also in lowering cholesterol.

5. Alli: An over the counter drug called Alli (generic is orlistat) has been shown to increase the amount of weight subjects lose over the course of a year by about 5 to 9%. It works by decreasing fat absorption. It is recently under investigation for potential liver damage in very rare cases, but it is currently unknown if Alli is the cause.

6. Green Tea: Proven to lower cholesterol, green tea is often claimed to be a weight loss aid as well. While it does increase metabolism, it probably doesn’t add appreciably to weight loss. It is a healthy supplement, however, and still might be a worthy addition to the diet.

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