Secrets to Bodybuilding and Weight Gain

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To gain weight as a bodybuilder, you will need to eat a lot more food. Even if you are taking top nitric oxide supplements or any bodybuilding supplement, you will still need to consume plenty of clean calories to encourage muscle growth. If you do not eat enough, you can lose muscle regardless of how many weights you lift.

Your body has a limited capacity for gaining muscle. Unfortunately, there is no limit to how much fat we can gain from eating. Every person has a unique ability to create muscle based on how much protein is synthesized by their testosterone levels.

Double It

If your body is not growing, then consume more calories. If you have a fast metabolism, you may need to eat double your current diet if you want to start putting on bulk. Instead of eating one chicken breast, have two or three. Aim to eat twice as much and see if it starts to show results. You don’t have to experience nitric oxide supplements blood pressure problems just to get more nutrients in your body.

Food Timing

Bodybuilders will need to eat every 2 or 3 hours to stay in shape. If you constantly forget to eat, set a timer and have it go off ever few hours. Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day since you need to get good nutrients in your body within 15 minutes of getting up if you want quality muscle growth. Otherwise, your body may turn to the muscles for burning energy.

Big Plates

This is a sneaky trick that many experienced bodybuilders are using. Diet books will tell you to get a smaller plate for smaller servings, but as a bodybuilder, you’ll want to do the exact opposite. The larger your plate is, the more you will have to stuff it to make it full.

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