Short Inversion Table Reviews – Cheap, Quality Inversion Tables For Low Budget Consumers

Inversion table therapy is an inexpensive method of back pain treatment because it will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you consider it over medication or surgery.

More importantly, it is a natural method and it is performed by simply hanging upside down so it will not have any debilitating side effects than if you will be taking pain killers or you are going to go through an invasive back surgery.

It will even allow you more benefits aside from treating back pain like relieving stress and fatigue, improving blood flow, enhancing flexibility, promoting good posture and a lot more, so it is really worth a try. However, before you can take advantage of inversion benefits, you will need an inversion table to be able to perform inversion in a more comfortable and convenient way.

The problem is that high quality inversion tables come with a price so if you have a low budget, you will find it a bit difficult to find an inversion table which is cheap and good quality. But, don’t worry too much because in this post, I have listed 2 cheap yet quality inversion tables which will solve your problem.

Brief Inversion Table Reviews About Cheap Yet Quality Inversion Tables For Low Budget Consumers

Body Max Inversion IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table For Sale at $92.95

The Body Max IT 6000 is one of the best in the cheapest inversion table category because it is not substandard and low quality but it is cheaply priced at only $92.95 thereby saving you a lot of money on your first inversion table. It may not come with a top – of – the – line quality and advanced features but it is equipped with basic and standard features which make it functional and effective in providing its users all the benefits of inversion therapy.

t comes in a simple design so it is easy to use. More importantly, it will allow you to safely and comfortably invert to up to 90 degrees with its safety strap, four foam rollers, U shaped handrails and you will be supported with a high density foam cushioned back rest as you invert by simply raising your arm over your head.

Elite Fitness IT9250 Inversion Table

With a 4.5 rating and a large number of positive customer reviews, Elite Fitness inversion table is a best buy. For a very affordable price of $99.99, this table is already equipped with features which will put an end an excruciating back pain and will also allow you all the benefits of inversion therapy.

IT9250 features a 3-position bench for decompressing spine and maximizing stretches at multiple angles, a breathable fabric back rest with a removable padded head rest which is securely attached to a 4 – point, pod style base frame with floor caps for added stability in un – even floor surfaces, 4 extra – large foam leg rollers as ankle supports and handle bars for maximizing stretching an easy return to an upright position. In addition, it comes with height adjustment selector, a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, and it can also be folded for easy storage when it is no longer being used to save room space.

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