Exploring The Side Effects Of Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil contains beneficial properties that help improve the conditions of patients with Dyslexia and ADHD. However, but there are risks of fish oil side effects that are reason enough to warrant a medical checkup before anyone starts supplementation.

Aside from the fact that there some producers who advertise the consumption of large amounts of fish oil, there is no concrete study which shows the possible side effects users can experience when they consume fish oil in large amounts. Knowing the various fish oil benefits and side effects will help users determine the right amount of fish oil that will not give rise to the most common side effects associated with fish oil intake.

Possible Side Effects Of Fish Oil Supplements

Possible fish oil side effects include:

  • bleeding
  • poisoning
  • diarrhea, and
  • low blood pressure

Bleeding is a possible side effect because there are components in fish oil that can lead to decreased platelet aggregation. Bleeding can occur as nosebleeds but in severe cases, it can also result to strokes.

Diarrhea is also a common side effect when consuming large amounts of fatty substances. Increased burping, acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, and abdominal bloating may accompany this. Therefore, people who have blood pressure problems need to be under the watchful eye of a physician if they are planning on taking fish oil as a supplement.

Poisoning is also another possible side effect. Consumption of fish oil in large amounts can predispose the user from poisoning if the fish source has ingested a large amount of mercury. A fishy aftertaste is also a known side effect of fish oil consumption, but this can be solved by taking the supplement with meals.

Fish oil is a supplement that has shown some promise in improving the conditions of people who suffer from diarrhea, ADHD, high blood pressure and other ailments. However, it has also been shown to promote the health of healthy individuals who simply want to improve the performance of their cardiovascular system.

Overall, moderate use of fish oil will help users avoid the various fish oil side effects associated with consumption while still enjoying essential fish oil benefits.

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