Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments for Tennis Elbow Injuries

Tennis elbow is a lateral muscle injury of the muscles and tendons that results from repetitive overexertion and sudden muscle stress. Such injury is so named because sports activities like tennis, lawn tennis, badminton and golf are likely the main reason behind this. Obvious symptoms include elbow, wrist and arm pain but serious cases can also lead to neck and shoulder pain. Although racquet-related sports previously mentioned are the main injury causes, you can also get this injury from any activity that involves repetitive arm movement.

General signs and symptoms of this injury includes discomfort and stiffness (if not painful) in the affected arm or elbow especially in the morning. Extending the elbow to its full length can be quite difficult and excruciating. Since the focus on the muscle stress is on the forearm part (the outer part of the elbow) you can feel the tightness and the stiffness in that particular area. Activities like lifting objects, gripping things and any other elbow-oriented movements are hard to deal with, almost impossible.

On the outset you approach a mild tennis elbow injury by giving your arm sufficient rest, subjecting it to complete immobility so as not to aggravate the injury. Except for a few stretching and strengthening exercises, the affected arm should not be rigorously used as much as possible. If the area is swollen or inflamed, then you can apply ice on it or take prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines. Compress and elevate the area so as to minimize swelling.

If you think that over-the-counter medicines do no good to your tennis elbow, then it’s time to take such case into a much serious approach. Consult a doctor or a medical specialist to find out how to treat tennis elbow best. If the case is serious, then don’t hesitate to undergo medical tests like x-ray and MRI scans as these will enlighten you about the nature and the severity of your injury.

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