Simple Headache Relief Tips

We’ve all seen the ads on tv and in magazines touting the latest painkiller – guaranteed to get rid of a headache fast. But, before you automatically reach for the medicine bottle, consider if there are other ways that may work just as well, if not better, to relieve your headache.

One of the most common types of headache is the tension headache. These are brought on by both emotional and physical stress. While quick pain relief is helpful, it doesn’t deal with the cause of the tension. Without finding a way to relax, the headache will return. Below are some suggestions for relaxing, specifically with tension headaches in mind.

1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Take notice of your face. Are you frowning? Worry will cause you to tighten up your facial muscles. You may not feel it, but the tension goes from forehead to chin. Deliberately let your face relax. Let your jaw hang a little loose. If you are able to place your tongue between your teeth, then you aren’t grinding your teeth together. Take deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing your face.

2. When we’re tense, blood rushes to our muscles, giving them oxygen to help them to contract. Your face and head may feel hot. You may not even realize just how warm you are until you start to feel the throbbing in your head. A cool compress or cold pack can do wonders for cooling down the skin and by extension, helping the headache. You want to be just cold enough to help you relax without being so cold that you shiver.

3. Then there’s the tried and true lying down in a dark room. However, don’t just prop your head on any old pillow, hoping that it will lessen the pain. Rather, make sure that you have a pillow that properly supports the head and neck. This is will give you the best posture and chance of avoiding neck and shoulder pain as well as the headache. A great pillow for this purpose is a buckwheat pillow. A buckwheat hull pillow can be molded to cradle your head. The hulls stay in place, providing great support without effort.

As you can see, there are easy, quick ways to help relieve a headache. The suggestions above don’t require fancy labels nor do they have side effects. Even if you still take a painkiller, the tips above will start to relieve the pain while you wait for the medicine to kick in.

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