Smoking That Is Better For The Environment

Did you know that smoking tobacco is not only bad for your health and that of the people around but it also harmful to the environment. Every time you light up a cigarette there are thousands of harmful chemicals released into the air. So is there a way that you can enjoy smoking without harming the environment? It is possible with E cigarettes. There are many brands to choose from and all of them offer a much better solution for our environment.

When you use an electronic cigarette there are no harmful chemicals released into the air. There is no smoke produced with an E cigarette, it is just water vapor which evaporates once it touches the air. The smokeless cigarette companies have found a way to get users their nicotine without polluting the air any further.

These electronic cigarettes a little devices that look very much like tobacco cigarettes. Inside of them there are a few things, a sensor, a nicotine solution, a heating element (the atomizer) and an LED at the end of the device. All of these parts, other than the LED, will be located where the filter would go in a tobacco cigarette, this is called the cartridge. When the sensor in the mouthpiece detects that a user in taking a drag it activated the LED and also the atomizer, this in turn heats up the nicotine solution very quickly and turns it into a vapor, ready for the user to inhale.

Not only as they devices better for the environment, but because there is no smoke involved people can use these devices in all of the places where tobacco smoking has been banned. You can use them in restaurants, bars, are your office, pretty much everywhere. Plus you hair and clothes are not going to end up with that horrible smoke smell stuck to them.

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