Some relief from heartburn

Acid reflux or heartburn is when some of the content of the stomach comes up in the food pipe. It is a very unpleasant sensation,  painful , can burn a lot and a taste of acid might be tasted in the mouth. Acid in the mouth can cause tooth decay, bad breath and sensitive teeth.  When it happens at night it can also cause disruption of sleep patterns and leave us very tired the day after.  Some people suffer from it only after a particularly rich and large meal or having drunk large quantities of alcohol, others suffer from it every day.

There are several remedies that can be bought from any pharmacy and they can be quite effective to give you relief from heartburn. Some work by neutralizing the acid in your stomach so even if it still comes up it will not burn so much, others will try to reduce the amount of acid the stomach cells produce.

To deal with heartburn effectively, it makes sense to find out  the cause.  Improving the diet and removing fat meat, dairy products, citrus food, alcohol and coffee will help in most cases and will decrease the stomach acidity. A diet with lean meat, vegetables, grains and non acidic fruit should generally help. Try to drink plenty of water. If the problem is caused by the weakening of the muscle that keeps the top of the stomach closed, your doctor should be able to prescribe something that will help. If it is very serious surgery might be the answer to avoid further complications such as ulcers.  

If you are overweight, losing weight might be a good idea as that will decrease the pressure on the top of your stomach, some people say that even very tight clothes can cause heartburn.   An extra pillow to keep your head up should help with night heartburn. Whatever you do always consult your doctor first, as heartburn can be a symptom of other conditions or a side effect of medications your are taking.

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