Some Tips on How to Conceive a Girl

A common statement you hear from expecting mothers is that as long as their baby is healthy then the baby’s gender is not important. This is, of course, an understandable point of view. But the fact is that some mothers and fathers-to-be do express a preference and here we take a look at the methods out there for parents wondering how to how to conceive a girl.

The first thing we must understand is that gender is determined by chromosomes. It is generally accepted that the female ovum contains the X chromosome. When this is fertilized by the man’s sperm then the baby’s sex will be decided by whether the X or Y chromosome-carrying sperm actually performed the fertilization.

Nobody can ever claim a 100% success rate using systems that rely upon predicting nature, but there do appear to be highly successful ways of tipping the balance towards conceiving baby girls, if that is what is desired.

Most of these tips for conceiving a girl concentrate on providing an advantage to the desired type of sperm to reach the egg first. These have developed around the world over time and usually focus on things like optimum times for trying to conceive (in relation to ovulation), the best positions to be tried, dietary considerations and the use of vitamins.

Ashley Spencer is a lady who has become a key voice on this matter, as she has looked at all of these techniques, taken the best facets of each one and incorporated them into a guide that provides many tips for conceiving girl. She can’t claim perfection, but she does say that her method has almost a 95% success rate, which is extremely high. She even provides money-back guarantees for her guide book, she is so confident that you will get the result that you are looking for.

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