Soy and Hot Flashes – How You Can Prevent Menopause Symptoms With Soy

While there are Hormonal Therapies that serve to alleviate the problems associated with the perimenopausal period, alternative methods have gained more ground within the consciousness of women. This is perhaps due to the straightforward and safer approach that can be found in natural sources of symptom relief which can come in the form of micronutrient supplements or herbs.

When considering the many alternatives on how to cure night sweats, hot flashes and the many other issues associated with menopause, one may find a strong connection between the use of soy and hot flashes. A better understanding of the benefits gained from soy will pave way for a better knowledge on how to cure night sweats as well as other problems.

How to Cure Menopause Symptoms: Try Soy

Like most of the herbs, plants and other natural sources used for alleviation of menopausal symptoms, soy contains a wealth of compounds which have similar effects. This is all in part of the phytoestrogens. These substances serve as weak substitutes to the real thing. These are highly beneficial since they do not serve as hormonal disruptors like other environmental and synthetic estrogen like compounds but rather help to regulate the erratic imbalances.

It is known that the various physical manifestations that arise during the menopausal period are all due to the hormonal changes where at first fluctuations occur constantly and then gradually shift into a steady but sometimes abrupt decrease in circulating estrogen levels. With the phytoestrogens in soy, the possible connection between soy and hot flashes has been a premise of much study by various researchers.

Many of the experiments done with control groups have in fact yielded positive results though the efficacy of soy and other natural sources of phytoestrogens still remain to be a subject of much debate with more experts favoring the positive side.

Regardless, many women have reported remarkable effects with soy and considering that most Asian countries have soy as a staple food product and many women of these countries report less intense and less frequent hot flashes, perhaps there really is a benefit that menopausal women can gain from soy.

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