Spiritual River – Build Coping Skills For Addiction

Addiction affects the mind, body, and spirit, so it follows that any effective treatment would address all three of these components. Beyond forgoing drugs, alcohol, and addictive behaviors, incorporating good nutrition and plenty of exercise will fill the often dangerous void left once toxic substances and behaviors are eliminated. The positive messages of the Spiritual River blog can also serve as an encouraging source, and reinforce positive coping skills for addiction recovery.

Spiritual River postings have helped many people in various forms and stages of recovery bring spirituality into their lives. Learning how to meditate and pray often becomes the best defense against reverting to negative behaviors and falling prey to the words and actions of unsupportive individuals. Relapse is far less likely when you have a full complement of resources to draw upon, and taking care of your spiritual health can make this possible.

Depending upon how severely you are affected, your recovery may have to start with extreme isolation, rigid routines, or other drastic measures. Once this initial phase is over, the real work may still lie ahead, since you must now deal with the mental, physical, and emotional damage that has occurred. As you repair your body and positively stimulate your mind, you can nourish your spirit with positive messages for a lasting and holistic effect.

You may seek sobriety due to a strong desire to make a change, but staying sober will likely involve surrounding yourself with as much positive stimuli as possible. When you are outside of a supportive group and dealing with potentially negative influences, this is when you may be especially vulnerable. During these times, your coping skills can help you stay calm and resist old temptations. You can rely on your healthy spirit to uplift you from harmful situations in a most lasting way.

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