Stages Of Alcohol Withdrawal: Expect The Worst in Alcohol Detox

It may seem like needless fear-mongering or negativity and pure pessimism to always expect the worst – and this is probably true for a wide range of activities. When it comes to alcohol detoxification, however, it is actually well-recommended to always expect the worst. This is because of the unpredictable nature of alcohol’s effects on the human body and the fact that all alcohol detox patients are in very real danger whenever they undergo the alcohol detox process.

Of course, with modern medical science at your side, the chances of an alcohol detoxification attempt becoming lethal is quite slim nowadays. As long as the individual is well-prepared and has competent and professional medical assistance during the most dangerous stages of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, the worst that can happen is that the alcohol detoxification attempt fails and the individual returns to his alcohol drinking ways in order to alleviate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

The Stages Of Alcohol Withdrawal

It is worth noting that alcohol withdrawal syndrome always occurs in stages. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal do not manifest themselves all at once but come in stages with their own specific timelines.

The mildest symptoms of alcohol withdrawal occur within 6-8 hours after the individual’s last intake of alcohol. Stage 1 alcoholics generally experience only the first stage of alcohol withdrawal and nothing more. The second stage of alcohol withdrawal is more of a cause for worry. Patients who progress to this stage of the withdrawal syndrome can expect to experience hallucinations – both auditory and visual. Autonomic hyperactivity, which first occurs during stage 1 of withdrawal syndrome may also carry over to the second stage of alcohol withdrawal.

Very few individuals really progress to the third stage of alcohol withdrawal, which usually occurs at about 48 hours after the onset of the syndrome. It is during this stage that the dreaded DTs may occur. Delirium trumens is dangerous and may cause potentially lethal cardiovascular complications if left untreated.

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  • All addictions are horrible and very difficult to deal with whether its food addiction, coffee addiction – so much in our culture is addictive. Glad you have such a great detox service.