Stress Management: Acupuncture New York

Stress is perhaps one of those human experiences that I am sure we all have, in one way or another, have experienced. These feelings of negativity, fatigue and pressure are only a human being’s normal response to the external elements that revolve around us as social beings. But don’t you find it a bit curious by when we are healthy and feeling good, that those stresses in our lives just seem to bounce off us? Or when we are feeling tired or frustrated, we become vulnerable to stress that we can’t seem to handle it? Acupuncture New York understands that our body’s ability to handle additional stress depends on the state of our body, whether we are in balance.

Being balanced is what a New York City acupuncturist wants us to be. In Chinese traditional medicine, being balanced means that there are no disturbances in our flow of Chi. This Chi is the natural energy that circulates our body. When we undergo stress or sickness, that flow of Chi is obstructed thus causing our bodies to become susceptible to the full effects of the stress and illness. Acupuncture’s goal is to restore the natural flow of energy; ridding the body of obstructions to the flow of Chi in order to have balance.

Think of your body as a system of wires, sockets and switches and that the Chi is the electricity that flows through. Everything in your body is interconnected through in some sort of way like a complicated circuit. When stress or illness happens in our lives, some of these sockets, wires or switches are affected thus causing an electrical imbalance. That is the reason why when we feel pressured, certain parts of our body seems to feel the effects. Acupuncture’s goal is to repair those faulty wires, sockets or switches so that the circuit can run smoothly again.

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