Swollen Eyelid Preventive Measures

Having a swollen eyelid isn’t only unsightly but can also become very irritating. You won’t be able to go about your normal activities and will find yourself confined to your room until the condition subsides. Not many realize how easy it is to acquire this condition considering the sensitivity of our eyes. The good news is that you can prevent this condition by being extra careful with your eyes. Here are some things you shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t sleep with make-up on. Always be sure to remove your make-up before you go to bed. Leaving on those chemicals might cause your eye to react and swell. In fact, it is advisable to be very careful with the kind of make-up you use since some people are extra sensitive to some chemicals.

2. Don’t go in the sun unprotected. The protection you need to have should include some sun block lotion, a hat or umbrella and for your eyes a pair of eyeglasses. This will be very helpful since one cause of the condition is a result of sunburn.

3. Don’t rub your eyes. You never know what germs might be lingering on your hands and rubbing your eyes may be all it takes to get them swollen.  Be very conscious as to where you put your hands and do whatever you can to keep them away from your eyes.

4. Don’t use un prescribed medicine. If your eye starts getting itchy, don’t take things in your own hands and decide to use some eye drops. Your eyes are extremely delicate so never use any medication without a proper prescription from your doctor.

A swollen eyelid may not be a very serious thing that you should worry about. Still, you would always want to do what you can to prevent such a condition from forming.

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