New Innovations Of Back Stretchers

The new innovations of back stretching equipment today provide people a wide variety of options when they are shopping around for a back stretcher to help them with their back and spine problems. If you are one of them, then you must be at the point of deciding which one to choose and which to purchase. I hope this brief description about the different types and brands of back stretchers will help you in your decision making.

Lumbar Extenders

These are simple lumbar stretchers which are cheap, easy to use, and equally efficient for back pain, spine decompression, and . . . → Read More: New Innovations Of Back Stretchers

Using Back Stretchers for Prevention

Have you experienced a little back pain before? I’m sure you have, and this is usually the result of neglecting the muscles on that part of the body. Even though you could be working on the gym to develop your muscles you might be neglecting your back. Sometimes we become too focused on getting bigger biceps, or better toned abs that we forget to get the bigger picture. It’s better to have a well balanced body with all the parts and muscle groups well worked out so that none will suffer from neglect. A serious injury might even be . . . → Read More: Using Back Stretchers for Prevention