Three Medications That Can Undo Your Diabetes Control

When you work very hard to control blood sugar levels it can be very frustrating to see abnormal readings appear on your glucometer.  Sometimes the solution to rising blood sugar levels is as simple as the medications we take.

There are many different medications that can increase your blood sugar readings despite your best efforts at control. These are three common medications that can cause hyperglycemia:

Beta Blockers: These medications are used in patients with heart problems such as hypertension and congestive heart failure.  Beta blockers lower pressure and strain on the heart by slowing the heart rate. These . . . → Read More: Three Medications That Can Undo Your Diabetes Control

How To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels By Wearing Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes have a number of purposes but of them all their main intent is to protect the foot of a diabetic person from damage so that he or she can stay active and better mange blood sugar levels.  As most people with diabetes know blood sugar levels are the most important thing to monitor and maintain in safe ranges. 

Most diabetics check their glucose levels at least once a day if not more often because maintaining safe levels of blood sugar means they will have fewer complications in the future. Diabetic foot problems are common complications that diabetics . . . → Read More: How To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels By Wearing Diabetic Shoes

Blood Sugar Levels Problems

Blood sugar problems are, unfortunately, a common ailment that plagues millions of people all over the world. A person who suspects that he or she has blood sugar problems should see a doctor and have testing done, as blood sugar irregularities or insulin resistance can cause type 2 diabetes if not handled correctly. Such a person will also need to take a close look at his or her diet and eliminate certain foods from the diet in order to keep a handle on the blood sugar problem. Using a blood sugar levels chart is advisable, as it can help . . . → Read More: Blood Sugar Levels Problems