Fat Burning Foods: What should you eat?

Most people often say that, we are what we eat. This statement is very true, especially when it comes to finding natural ways to lose weight. Fat burners and diet pills are the most popular trend these days, but you have to remember that these have side effects that can be bad for your health. It would be a lot better if you opt for the natural way of losing weight. If you have this idea in mind, then following losing weight tips will not be enough. The best thing that you can do is to learn . . . → Read More: Fat Burning Foods: What should you eat?

Aging and Exercise – How To Reduce Belly Fat

When father time comes knocking at you door, handing you aches, pains, and excuses to become immobile, you have two choices. First, you can decide that your aging body is getting weaker, and try to baby every little ache and pain that comes your way, or you can choose to fight the aging process. Although some individuals have some legitimate health issues that make this concept a little more difficult, it is amazing the positive difference you can make in your own mobility and activity level if you will simply keep moving.

The muscles, joints, and bones in the . . . → Read More: Aging and Exercise – How To Reduce Belly Fat

Discover the Power of Carbohydrates

Nature provided us with lots of carbohydrate sources because it is vital to life. A diet that lacks carbohydrates lacks one of the cornerstones of good health. The right kinds of carbohydrates provide energy, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. All these are essential for optimum health.

The main purpose of carbohydrates is to provide you with energy. Fats and protein does this, too. However, using these macronutrients for energy takes them away from what they are meant to do. Carbohydrates provide your body with a readily available source of energy. That is why breakfast mostly consists of high carbohydrate foods. . . . → Read More: Discover the Power of Carbohydrates

Over 40 Nutrition

One doesn’t realize the importance of getting a well rounded daily diet until if one’s health is robust. However, the importance of nutrition when one gets past the age of 40 becomes crystal clear. A woman that has maintained a well balanced diet complete with fruit and vegetables as well as meat will arrive at 40 with a firmer skin than one who has given in to fast foods filled with addictive processed chemicals. It is important for a woman or a man to place nutrition uppermost in their daily planning if they want to avoid the excess wrinkles, . . . → Read More: Over 40 Nutrition

Losing Your Gut

Weight increases when there is an imbalance in food intake, metabolism and food excretion. Traditional Chinese Medicine measures the digestion process in three chunks of activities done in eight hours each. The first eight hours is the intake of food. This is where breakfast, lunch, dinner and other snack in between come in. The second eight hours is allotted for digesting the food that was taken in during the first eight hours. The third eight hours is given to the process of excretion.

Explaining this further, while the body is sleeping for eight hours, the digestive system is into . . . → Read More: Losing Your Gut