Reducing Insulin Resistance

Reducing insulin resistance is a task that more and more people are in need of taking on. As the years go by more and more people are being diagnosed with insulin resistance and diabetes and the most notable precursor to these conditions is the onset of the resistance of insulin.

So what happens when the body resists insulin? The answer to this question is somewhat simple and yet quite complex. You see the body was designed to take food in, digest it, and turn it into glucose so that it could be transported to all the cells of the . . . → Read More: Reducing Insulin Resistance

How To Lower Insulin Levels

Do you need to know how to lower insulin levels? If so it’s probably because your doctor did some blood work on you and told you that your insulin levels were a bit high which is probably indicative of early stage insulin resistance.

Your doctor probably also told you that you need to reduce insulin levels while maintaining normal blood sugar levels so that you can prevent insulin resistance from taking hold. Luckily the methodology behind reducing insulin levels and reducing insulin resistance is essentially the same thing except lowering insulin levels is a bit easier because the problem . . . → Read More: How To Lower Insulin Levels