How to Wake Up With Less Grogginess And More Freshness

Have you ever woke up feeling like crap in the morning. Despite sleeping for eight hours straight, you can still feel as if you had not slept at all. Sometimes the grogginess leaves as soon as coffee affects your brain. However, there are cases when you don’t ever recover from the grogginess until later into the day. This scenario is rather common and there are two reasons that may cause this. A combination of these factors would result in an even more awful feeling upon waking up.

Timothy Feriss in his book the four hour work week, described that . . . → Read More: How to Wake Up With Less Grogginess And More Freshness

How to Treat Sleep Disorders

Working and working hard tends to strain your back and neck. Having long hours of work, with a bad body position. This brutal pain can cause discomfort and makes waking up everyday a drag. Sitting in a bad position can become a bad habit, which would be quite hard to get over.

Another factor that can add pain to your muscles is if you have been in an accident or have been injured. Having had a torn ligament or a whiplash could bring some real pain. Using a Sobakawa pillow could be a good solution for all of these . . . → Read More: How to Treat Sleep Disorders