Antioxidant Supplement Use Equals Longer Life

There are tons of things out there that people state are supposed to prolong your life so that you can live to much older than what your body was really suppose to, such as those herbal methods that are supposed to remove those harmful impurities from the body that are causing the person to feel bad in the first place, and so forth. And one of the newer methods that are being put out there for those that want to prolong their life is the use of an antioxidant supplement.

Those that look at the labels of these antioxidant . . . → Read More: Antioxidant Supplement Use Equals Longer Life

Vitamin K Foods

There are numerous of different foods that contain high levels of this vitamin. You need vitamin K to be able to produce coagulation factors, which again is involved in blood coagulation.

Leafy Green Vegetables

The highest values of this vitamin is often found in vegetables. The particular type of vegetables that is more likely to contain vitamin K range from spinach and broccoli to lettuce. Go for the green color.


Many herbs contain high amounts of vitamin K. The reason they are not on the top of the list is due to the large amounts you need to . . . → Read More: Vitamin K Foods

Is Vitamin B12 Good For Hair Health?

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While not as common as the male version, women’s hair loss still affects a large number of women. The causes can include both medical and genetic conditions, plus the natural aging process. There are numerous ways to treat hair loss in women, no matter what causes it.

A change in diet is one of the first things your doctor will tell you to try. It is both the cheapest and easiest way to start finding your cure. Both nutritionists and doctors agree that high protein, low fat & carbohydrates is as good for your . . . → Read More: Is Vitamin B12 Good For Hair Health?

Spring Valley Vitamin Supplements

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The human body needs a vast array of vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. Since not all required nutrients are available to us from the foods we consume, many people feel that they must resort to taking supplements for the vitamins and other substances our bodies need. In fact, in order to supply their bodies with the full spectrum of nutrients in question, health enthusiasts are willing to spend hundreds of dollars every month at drug and health food stores. One of the brands most frequently purchased is the line . . . → Read More: Spring Valley Vitamin Supplements