Tangible Benefits of a Sports Massage

If you live an active lifestyle and suffer from continual aches and pains associated with it, then getting a sports massage or deep tissue massage in Chicago is an excellent way to help your body recover faster, and with less pain, than ever before. A sports massage performed either before your after your activity will increase blood flow, which helps prepare the muscles to work and gets rid of lactic acid faster, preventing soreness afterwards as well. Performed afterwards, your muscles will be able to heal themselves faster, allowing you to perform again with a much shorter recover time.

A sports massage is a particularly deep massage, as its goal is to stimulate all the muscles, particularly the deep muscles that form the core for any sports you perform. These massages can actually be somewhat uncomfortable at the time of receiving them, but that’s because the body is usually not used to direct stimulation of them. The full benefit of the massages will come in the next couple days. The stimulation of the muscles causes the blood to flow into them easier than before, and so when you get ready to perform, you have more oxygen and energy to draw from. As a result, you are looser and more full of energy than you would be otherwise.

A massage afterwards is just as beneficial. The ache you get in your muscles from working them is due to lactic acid buildup. This often takes some time for the body to remove, but by massaging the muscles it gets rid of the acid faster, reducing the soreness you are feeling. The increased blood flow will also help the muscles rebuild themselves faster, reducing your actual recovery time too.

Choosing to invest in a sports massage in Chicago, or really any city, is a great way to prepare yourself to perform or to help recover afterwards. The massage itself is deep and tiring, almost like an intense stretching session, but you will notice the difference in how you feel and move.

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