Teeth Whitening Solutions that Enhance Smiles

Everyone wants their day to be started with a beautiful smile, and teeth are one of the most important aspect in one’s smile.  A young one’s teeth are usually whiter than the adult’s teeth. As a human ages, the adult teeth often become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth as the enamel becomes less porous. When this occurs, a lot of folks turn to teeth whitening, a type of cosmetic dentistry enhancing the look of the teeth.

There are many methods or teeth whitening solutions like bleaching strips, bleaching pens, bleaching gels, laser bleaching, and natural bleaching. Traditionally, at-home whitening involves applying a bleaching gel to the teeth using thin guard trays. At-home teeth whitening can also be done by applying small strips that go over the front teeth.

Although there are different types of teeth whitening solutions which are available in today’s market, most all of the products have a concentration and mixture of peroxide that is harmless and brings the whiteness back to the teeth.

If one cannot spare much time at home to go through the teeth whitening solution process, the best way to get a beaming smile is to go to the dentist for in-the-office whitening. This consists of several steps, and the time can sum up to 15 mins. to 1 hour. These sessions should be administered by the dentist or an expert.

The dentist may also suggest you take home a kit for the regular application of the whitening solution. Dentists believe that this process brings about the best results over time. The procedure involves a gel being put in a tray, almost like a mouth guard, and left on for about an hour, sometimes even more and usually overnight if the teeth requires more teeth whitening.

The most convenient, and possibly the cheapest way to teeth whitening is an over-the-counter teeth whitening liquid. Like the take-home kit from the dentist, this consists of a gel and a tray worn for a particular amount of time to bring back the whiteness in one’s teeth.

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