The Best Green Tea Supplement

A lot of people want to get the goodness of green tea but not everyone likes the taste of green tea or has the time to prepare green tea the usual way. People on the go or people who do not like the taste of green tea will still be able to get its goodness by drinking green tea supplement. Green tea is good for the body. It is now becoming one of the world’s favorite beverages. It is now popular all over the world, not just in China and Japan.

Green tea is more than just weight loss tea, a study published by found that benefits of green tea also relieves anxiety, asthma and arthritis. Today there are lots of green tea capsules available everywhere and some of them are listed below.

NOW Foods Green Tea. This is the only company which offer green tea extract with 60mg of Vitamin C. They guarantee a minimum of 40% catechins and 60% of polyphenols in each capsule in every 400mg of green tea. The company only recommends a capsule of green tea a day.

Source Naturals Green Tea Extract. This is also one of the highest rated green tea supplements today. They offer capsules which contain 100mg or 500mg of green tea goodness. Their capsules contain a standardized 70mg of polyphenols per 200mg. Their capsules also contain other ingredients like stearic acid, magnesium, colloidal silicon dioxide and microcrystalline cellulose.

Nature’s Herbs Green Tea Power. This company produces green tea supplements which are high in quality. Their capsules have a standardized 50% polyphenols and each 333mg certified green tea extracts which is very potent. They recommend taking at least 3 capsules per day.

Nature’s Plus Chinese Green Tea. This is considered the cream of the crop. Their capsule contains 505 polyphenols in every 200mg of decaffeinated green tea extract. No other preservatives are on the capsule and a single capsule should be taken every day.

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