The Causes Of External Hemorrhoids

Not all of the causes of hemorrhoids are within our control, but the #1 leading cause of hemorrhoids could all but be potentially eliminated if more people were simple aware that they were at risk of developing hemorrhoids and took one simple easy step to prevent it – consume more fiber.

Prevention & Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

Fiber is absolutely essential for both the prevention and the treatment of hemorrhoids. Trust me, you’ll be wishing you took more preventative measures if you do ever have the misfortune of developing them, they can be quite painful and keep you from enjoying life to the fullest.

So, how does fiber work? Simply put, fiber makes using the bathroom easier, it promotes more regular bowel movements and softer stools, both of which are important in reducing the need to feel like you need to push to remove waste from the colon. It’s unpleasant to discuss, but straining or pushing while using the bathroom is the leading cause of hemorrhoids and since this is a fairly common occurrence, it should be no surprise then that hemorrhoids are such a common condition.

Although anal veins are designed to fill and contract with blood, sometimes these veins can’t handle a sudden increase in blood pressure or they can somehow become damaged to the extent that they get a bulge in the side, this bulge is what is the hemorrhoid.

Although in 90% of cases, hemorrhoids can be prevented with diet alone, this is unfortunately not true in all cases. Some people may simply have genetic risk factors that cause weaker veins and put them at a greater risk of then developing hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Caused By Pregnancy

Another group of people at a greater risk of developing hemorrhoids are pregnant women; pregnancy is obviously hard on the body, but, less obviously, also hard on the anal veins. Pregnant women are frequently constipated which, as we’ve discussed, causes straining, the leading cause of hemorrhoids.

Carrying extra weigh during pregnancy, also puts additional strain on the anal canal as does the pushing and straining during the delivery. For pregnant women and people with a genetic predisposition to weak veins, obviously some of this is not controllable, but it’s still important to note that fiber can still help lessen the chances of developing hemorrhoids.

The Best Way To Prevent External Or Internal Hemorrhoids

Whether you’re trying to prevent hemorrhoids or manage an already existing case, an improved diet is the first best step you can take. With existing hemorrhoids, eating more fiber can help minimize further damage and prevent flare ups and, if started early enough, a high fiber diet may be all it takes to eliminate symptoms altogether. The key is to make these dietary changes ASAP, the longer you wait, the more likely you’ll experience complications and additional swelling which may lead to surgery down the road.

It’s important to consult with a hemorrhoid doctor if you experience any type of hemroid symptoms such as pain, swelling or bleeding as these may also indicate more serious medical conditions such as colon cancer.

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