The FDA Has Approved VelaShape for the Treatment of Cellulite

No matter how old your are or how much you weigh, whether or not you have cellulite is always a worry. Eight out of ten women who are over twenty years old can expect to suffer from this malady which usually occurs on the stomach or legs. Due to hormonal and fat distribution differences, men do not fall victim to this condition. Current cellulite methods are ineffectual or are too long term causing the person to get discouraged long before any results even begin to appear. Consumers and specialists in the field of cellulite are impressed with VelaShape which does not use surgery or other intrusive means to fight cellulite.

The Federal Drug Administration has approved VelaShape for use in the treatment of cellulite. This product is designed to pinpoint not only the external layer of skin but also the cellulite containing layer that exists underneath. There is no downtime associated with this cellulite treatment and no adverse effects. This treatment method uses Elos technology which consists of the usage of radio waves, infrared light and massage treatments using both vacuum and mechanical methods. The skin and underlying fat are warmed through the use of radio waves and infrared light. The fat then begins to liquefy enabling it to produce collagen. Massaging causes the blood to flow more easily and allows the body to look more toned and shaped. There are reports from some individuals who have undergone this treatment that the size of both their thighs and legs has been reduced by many inches.

VelaShape can be used anywhere on the body where cellulite is found. You will probably need at least five treatment sessions to see improvement but some people have reported positive results in only one treatment. This is a dramatic improvement compared to other cellulite treatments which often need at least fifteen treatments to see any results. This method is found anywhere you would find other procedures of this type such as Endermologie, body wraps, and anti cellulite cream therapy.

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