The Gate To Acne No More

Many young adult and teen grow up having acne problem, they believe they will grow out of acne as they get older.  Only to be realize acne is still a struggle for them, this isn’t very common among many people.  The good news is, you landed on the article that could help you heel from acne  forever.  The first thing we need to look at is what causes acne and then we could found a solution to curing acne.

Acne are cause when the pores are clog, in order to keep those pores from clogging, one must makes sure the pores are clean from dirt and fatties acid oil that freeze up.   Like when you cook bacon and leave it in the refrigerator, you will see how the oil become like wax.  Anyway if you take a shower everyday, that should help your pores from getting dirty and oily.   The next step is to get some Benzoyl peroxide gel, you could get from many store as these medicine are over the counter medicine.   After you take a shower or wash your face, apply some of these Benzoyl peroxide gel so they could keep your pimple from getting oily, if you pimple aren’t oily, then your pimple wouldn’t be attracting dirt.  Then your skin should be clean of bacteria and you should see those acne fade, even those pimple in ear.

If your acne is worser then most people and the following step above don’t cure your acne that much, I suggest seeing a doctor to get some antibiotic such as Doxycycline, which will keep you skin from getting bacteria and getting dirty, if you follow my advice, you should be on you way to having clear skin again, there you have it my advice how to get rid of acne fast.

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