The HCG Diet: An Alternative To Liposuction

The HCG diet is said to help you lose weight instantly just like liposuction but minus the pain and the complications. This form of weight loss alternative was created for people who are afraid to undergo surgical procedures but want immediate results in losing weight and getting fit. As we all know, there are several causes of liposuction gone bad resulting to complications and even death of the patient.

The most common risk of liposuction is infection and this is due to unhygienic practices of the practitioner when performing the procedure. This can also be caused by your inability to keep the wound clean after you are released from the hospital or clinic. If not treated immediately, infection of your surgical wound can lead to sepsis and eventually death. No matter how small the incision is, there is always a risk for infection so majority of us would go for non surgical alternatives to liposuction because without an incision, there are lesser complications involve.

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Although the use of HCG diet and HCG products is a non surgical approach to losing weight, this does not mean that it does not have any effects on your health. HCG is not approved by FDA as an alternative to weight loss. It is only approved as a fertility drug for couples who want to get pregnant. But as a weight loss method, there has been no studies conducted that can prove this, only claims from people who have used this method.

If you want to use non surgical liposuction alternatives, it is recommended that you first try exercise accompanied by a well balanced diet. These two are the safest way in losing weight. Through exercise you burn fats that are stored in various parts of your body the natural way so there are no side effects to this. On the other hand, a well balance diet is composed fruits and vegetables plus limited amount of meat is also very healthy for you.

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