The Health Insurance Fertility Treatment Myth

If you haven’t already noticed, there are numerous myths propagating about on how health insurance doesn’t cover such and such. People end up applying for tubal reversal financing and taking other drastic measures to cover their medical expenses. We have news for you. Most people who spread these myths are clueless about how health insurance companies operate. In many instances, the company itself won’t give you a straight answer from the get-go. Once you actually fill out a claim form for your medical expense, you find that it’s actually covered.

Fertility treatments are one of those grey areas in terms of coverage. Do insurance companies cover procedures like tubal ligation reversal or IVF treatment? For starters, it depends on your actual carrier and the policy you have with them. Your employer may or may not have opted for extra coverage for these types of treatments. However, the easiest way to find out if you can squeeze any money out of your health insurance policy is by getting a billing code from your surgeon.

The billing code will tell the insurance company exactly what procedure you are looking to get and you should get a definitive answer as to whether it is covered or not. Do not add unnecessary details when talking to a representative as you may confuse them into thinking that it’s not covered. If you get a “no,” remember that insurance coverage for tubal reversal surgery isn’t the end-all-be-all solution to funding the procedure.

Major insurance companies like Blue Cross and Aetna have provided their policyholders with reimbursements for fertility treatment like tubal reversal surgery. Even if they say that they don’t cover the fertility treatment, take fifteen minutes to fill out a claim form and scan a copy of your receipt to send to the them. Even if you get a few hundred dollars back, you still come out better in the end. You can then use this money to help pay off the loan you took out for surgery and other expenses.

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