The Most Popular Ways To Remove Facial Hair

While there are many methods to remove facial hair, it is difficult to tell which one is the best. It is not because all the methods are equally good, but rather because different methods work unequally for different people. The most popular ways to remove facial hair in women are plucking and bleaching. Plucking is easy and gives good results – you can have in average around 5-6 weeks of hair free skin, but the process is painful and thus not very pleasant.

Bleaching is a quick method, which is also quite safe. You will have to buy bleaching kits, which are quite affordable, but the keep in mind that beaching can irritate your skin, so it is not an easy option for sensitive skin.

Shaving is probably known to everyone and the majority of people start with this method to remove their unwanted hair. The method is very easy to use and rather cheap, but not pleasant, can cause skin irritation and its results are very short-lived.

If you need something affordable but more substantial than the above mentioned methods, try depilatory creams. You will get few weeks of the smooth and clean skin, and the procedure is easy and pleasant: just apply the cream and leave it on the required area for 15-20 minutes, then remove. Creams are good for sensitive skin and are pretty safe. The most popular brand is Revitol, but there are other brands like Veer, Vaniqa and other. Since Revitol is so popular many people ask does Revitol hair removal cream work? The answer to this question lies in the multiple customers’ positive reviews, available online.

If you want to get your unwanted hair removed permanently, the only solution here is to go for a permanent hair removal method. The most popular here is the laser hair removal. The method can be performed even at home, but you will need home hair removal machines that produce laser light to target hair follicles and damage them in order to prevent further hair growth. The main benefit of the method is that you will forget about your annoying hair for good, but the process is pretty expensive – may go up to $1000-$3000 for the whole treatment, and is not very effective for dark skin and fair hair color.

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