The Night Guard Gives Protection To The Teeth And The Jaw

Whilst there are individuals who have difficulty in going to sleep, there are also others who have pain upon waking up. If you experience headaches when waking up, it may be due to some pressure around your teeth. You may be needing the new product called the night guard which is worn on the teeth before sleeping. This aids in giving protection to the teeth and the jaw muscles from being burdened by the grinding during sleep. Such grinding of the teeth is common amongst many people, and it frequently leads to a certain dental work and night headaches. A number of clinical studies reveal that individuals are capable in putting pressure amounting to as high as a couple of hundred pounds on their teeth during the night.

These specialized teeth guards are produced by dentists to suit specific sets of teeth. Since everybody has a jaw which does not have a similar shape as the others’ jaws, there is truly no way to have this product made beforehand. Aside from personally visiting your dentist for this, you can opt to buy a home kit which materials can let you take impressions of your lower and upper teeth. Then, send these impressions to the specified dental laboratory to have the guard created from. This kit’s instructions must be followed exactly.

On the other hand, there is also an assortment of other products that are designed to help in maintaining your teeth’s health. In this regard, the radius toothbrush is available in various styles featuring ergonomic handles for comfort in holding. Some styles feature a flexible neck which reduces pressure put on both the teeth and the gums while brushing. Meanwhile, numerous styles of this toothbrush type have heads that are replaceable, thus eliminating the need to throw away the whole toothbrush after using it for three months. Wonderfully, all of the mentioned styles are offered in different colors that will help make brushing the teeth a more pleasurable task.

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