The Oolong Tea Benefits: A Healthy Commitment

Oolong tea is one of the main natural types of tea that come from the Camellia Sinensis plant.  The other types are green tea and black tea.  Some people don’t realize they all come from the same plant.  Also, any type of herbal tea is not actually from the Camellia Sinensis and so if you want the full benefits that come from drinking tea then you have to make sure that you are drinking one of the main types of tea.

What Is Oolong Tea Anyway?

Depending on preference of taste you can choose between the three main types, but I find that oolong tea is a good medium for me based on flavor. 

Oolong tea is slightly darker and has a stronger flavor than green tea, but isn’t as dark and not as strong as black tea.  If we look into oolong tea a little further we can look at the benefits and see how we can become healthier.

What Are The Benefits Of Oolong Tea?

There are many oolong tea benefits that we should be aware of so that we can keep track of our own health and see if it is doing anything for us.  The following are the oolong tea benefits, but please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. 

Also, there is an increasing amount of research being conducted on these benefits and some have been noted to not be consistent or proven in human studies.  Do not be deterred, though, as it is very possible that oolong tea can help you, but there just isn’t enough conclusive evidence for these studies to give a definitive statement.

Some of the benefits of Oolong tea include:

  • Reduced risk of cancers and strokes
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular or heart disease
  • Decreased risk of diabetes
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Allergy relief
  • Increased metabolism, benefits to weight loss
  • Stronger and whiter teeth
  • Healthier skin
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased energy

All of these benefits can lead you into a healthier life, but you have to commit to it.  Think of drinking oolong tea more as an additional step in your life rather than a solution or substitute for anything else.  I always tell people they cannot simply just drink oolong tea and then sit on the couch and expect that you have decreased your risk of diabetes.  You have to commit to an exercise routine and drink oolong tea along with eating a healthy diet. 

Combine all of these and the oolong tea benefits will work for you.  If you want to benefit from all of the tea on earth then you have to give it a try.  You have nothing to lose!

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