The Pros and Cons of Trying A Jessner Peel

Jessner Peels Explained

Chemical peels have long been known to revitalize and refresh skin removing many of the common embarrassing blemishes on people’s faces. However with the cost of many peels exceeding $130 dollars, medium depth chemical peels were not affordable by everyone. Jessner peels are a medium depth chemical that you can apply in the comfort of your own home without the expense and hassle of going to the dermatologist. For as little as $30 dollars you can buy enough jessner peel solution to give you one year of treatments. While there are certainly benefits to using a jessner peel, it’s not for everyone. However, if you decide with your dermatologist that you are a good candidate, there’s a few things you should know about.


There are primarily three reasons people use buy a jessner skin peel. Because it is made with a beta hydroxy acid formula, it is able to penetrate deep into pores and remove several layers of dead and damaged skin. Once those layers of skin are removed, a number of things happen:

  • Smoother Texture – Acne scarring, breakouts, and blemishes are reduced after the healing process of a jessner peel.
  • Even Skin Tone – Uneven pigments and sun damaged skin can see dramatic improvment after just a few jessner peel treatments.
  • Reversed Aging – Fine wrinkles and lines can be reduced and possibly removed with proper treatment over the period of a few months.


Although the benefits usually outweigh disadvantages of jessner peels there is one reason why you shouldn’t try a chemical peel. If you have sensitive skin, or even dry skin around eyes, leave harsh skin treatment in the hands of your doctor. The only other downside of jessner peels is the fact that there is a 7 day healing period where flaking and peeling occur, so don’t expect immediate results.

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