The Reflex Sympathetic Disease

There are diseases that have not been written in the medical books and RSD disease is one of them. The Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a progressive disease that range from mild to chronic pain on the affected part. This is a disease of the nervous system that makes the persons cripple from pain. There are two types of RSD: the one that does not involve the nerves and the other one that involves the nerves but despite of the involvements, they are still presented with the same symptoms.

R S D disease is also called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and from its name, this disease is really complex and comprises from a lot of symptoms like swelling, color and temperature changes on the skin and limitation of movements on the affected areas. This progressive disease affects the skin, muscles, bones and joints especially the parts that have undergone mild to severe injuries. From its complexities, the real cause behind this disease has not yet been discovered making it more difficult for the affected persons to cope with the disease.

Millions of people are affected with the disease and the doctors have difficulties in making the diagnosis because its presentations are alike with the other diseases known. But with the description and intensity of pain experienced by the persons, RSD disease is diagnosed by the doctor with keen observations on the symptoms. As part of making the diagnosis, the doctors will question about the medical history of the persons with RSD. Physical examination is also important to make certain on the diagnosis and for the doctors to recommend treatment options to help the affected persons cope with RSD.

What is worse about this disease is that there are no gender and age specifications but there are recent studies that show RSD is more likely to affect persons aging from 40 to 60 years old and it is developed from bone injuries or surgeries.

Since the persons with RSD get to suffer from severe pain, there are treatment options being offered to ease them with their struggles. Pain medications are important to take regularly to keep them going. Maintaining the function of the extremities and affected parts are made possible with physical therapy and occupational therapy. With the complexities and severity of the disease condition, it is very important to help the persons get by each day to make them function the best way they can.

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