The Resistance Chair Improves Quality of Life

The Resistance Chair is the highest quality, best value, most user friendly exercise system available for the elderly or those in need of physical rehabilitation due to injury or other ailments. For treatment of conditions such as arthritis, rehabilitation of shoulder, leg and back injuries and to increase range of mobility, strength and flexibility, the Resistance Chair Exercise System can be found in homes, rehabilitation centers and gyms across the country.

The Resistance Chair offers a safe, balanced, seated, full body workout. It’s convenient and comes ready to use with no assembly required. Along with being ready for use, it’s also easy to use! Your resistance chair is created from commercial grade construction. It features thick-wall steel tubing and is durable and tough enough to withstand heavy duty use such as in a commercial gym or rehab center. It will hold up to 400 pounds and provides a low impact, smooth resistance that will allow users to stretch and pull at their own pace and level.

The Resistance Chair Exercise System can change lives. When used properly and as advised from your healthcare professional, this exercise system will help you improve balance and stability as well as range of motion and flexibility. It comes with a laminated poster of easy to reference exercises, a DVD and Level-5 resistance cables. The patented Resistance Anchor Cable allows users to perform a wide range of both lower and upper body exercises without the need for bulky, heavy weights. The optional resistance chair smooth rider accessory allows you to add a full leg workout to your routine.

It’s the perfect system for those in need of an exercise routine that gives the stability of remaining seated or for those who are in need of rehabilitative exercises that will improve stretching and range of motion. It’s also the greatest gift for elderly parents who need the ability to workout in a safe-at-home environment because it gives them the freedom to move along with the security of being in their own bedroom or living room.

Order your Resistance Chair today and get started on feeling better, moving better and living better.

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