The Road To Wellnesss Starts In Your Colon

Disease is a result of an unclean colon that has been that way for too many years.  The average person has up to twenty pounds of fecal matter encrusted in their colon! This is fabulous if you are a parasite or a fungi who tends to make their habitat in dirty colons, , but not if you are a human who desires radiant health.

The first step in creating fabulous health is to clean you colon. The purpose of the colon cleansing ingredients that are listed below is help you get things moving and eliminating two to three times a day.  This is the road to health and wellness that you can’t afford not to take.

For the best super colon cleanse you will need:
1 tsp. Psyllium Hulls
2 tbl. Aloe Vera Juice
200 mg. chlorophyll
2 pills of Cascara Sagrada

Digestive enzymes are also important to take not only with a colon cleanse, but always.  2 with every meal is recommended to help digest your meal and also to help get rid of those nasty parasites and candida.

Probiotics are the last step. After you have finished with the colon cleanse it is time to re-populate it with good bacteria to help get rid of candida.  You do this with probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are essential to good health.  Unless you have taken a lot of antibiotics, you should have friendly bacteria in your gut. Keep them thriving with probiotic culture taken everyday in the form of a capsule or from homemade kefir grains.

Kefir grains are grown at home in mineral water that is mixed with sugar and dried fruit.  You let the grains eat the sugar for a couple of days until the kefir is ready to drink. It’s a great source of friendly bacteria which costs pennies to make.  Probiotics bought in the health food store can run pretty pricey.

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