Things to Know About Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne can be very difficult to treat with normal acne products or antibiotics for acne. It appears mostly in women over 25 years due to an imbalance in their hormones. It is also known as cystic acne or nodular acne, since the acne outbreaks looks like nodules or cysts.

Women bodies encounter lots of hormonal transformations through their life. Firstly, during periods many women develop spots or acne flares that usually tend to disappear after few days. Others do develop hormonal acne during pregnancy, breast feeding and even menopause, periods when there is big hormonal changes in your body. Also, some medical conditions and medicines, particularly hormonal medicines, may cause you this type of acne. As a side note, this comes also hereditary, so if your mother had adult acne, than your chances of getting it are higher.

Most of women try to get rid of acne with topical acne creams. When this do not show any results, they try antibiotics for acne. These are effective if acne is caused by bacteria, but for hormonal acne you need a hormonal acne medication such as spironolactone acne treatment that aims at regulating your hormonal imbalance. Is not well known as Accutane, but it thought to have less risky side-effects in women.

As any hormonal treatment, it can not be taken without prescription and by all women, particularly by those with cancer history. Also, while you may find it very efficient, the reality is that you can not tale this medicine for years for obvious reasons. So, besides taking medicine for regulating  your hormonal imbalance, you should also look other ways of dealing with hormonal imbalance and some simple vitamins and multivitamins taking daily can actually help. Plus, you will prepare your body for the menopause and avoid installing it early on in your life.

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