Three Medications That Can Undo Your Diabetes Control

When you work very hard to control blood sugar levels it can be very frustrating to see abnormal readings appear on your glucometer.  Sometimes the solution to rising blood sugar levels is as simple as the medications we take.

There are many different medications that can increase your blood sugar readings despite your best efforts at control. These are three common medications that can cause hyperglycemia:

  1. Beta Blockers: These medications are used in patients with heart problems such as hypertension and congestive heart failure.  Beta blockers lower pressure and strain on the heart by slowing the heart rate. These medications have been associated with elevated blood sugar levels in patients who are taking them. Examples of beta blockers include atenolol and metoprolol.
  2. Hydrochlorothiazide:  These medications are often used in patients with hypertensions and swelling in the legs, or edema.  These are commonly known as water pills and are generally well tolerated by most patients.  The problem is that these medications have also been associated with higher sugar readings than other types of blood pressure medications.
  3. Prednisone:  Prednisone is notorious for raising blood sugar readings.  All patients who are prescribed this drug for short or long term reasons should be advised that prednione will raise the blood sugar readings significantly.  Patients who take this drug chronically or have a need for frequent short courses of prednisone will notice an increase in their alc blood testing. Prednisone is used to treat acute allergic reactions, asthma and COPD flares and other inflammatory processes.  Patients on prednisone should watch their sugars closely using a quality glucose meter, like the free freestyle freedom flash glucometer.

Patients on these types of medications should take care to exercise and eat healthy diabetic snacks to keep sugar readings in good control.  It is also important to track sugars closely at home and discuss any abnormal readings with your doctor.  If your medication influences your diabetes too much it may be best to find a different type of medication.

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